MEK-TECH is a sales consulting company and distribution partner based in São Paulo. We help technology companies to develop the Brazilian & Latin American market. Some of our customers are also represented by us officially on a permanent basis.


Our strongest assets are long-standing, trustful relationships with decision-makers and business executives from the local industry and technology stakeholders. Brazil is a highly challenging market, so are most of the Latin American economies. In order to tap their full potential, only continuous, persistent business development and trustful partnerships will lead your company to sustainable success.


Well-structured planning and highest operative efforts help to ensure the commercial success of our customers. Efficiency and transparency are always top priorities. Next to profound market knowledge and best-practice experience to handle bureaucratic barriers, our service performance is based on excellent language skills (especially Brazilian Portuguese) and strong cross-cultural competence.


The MEK-TECH brand represents personal responsibility - along with the initials of the founder's name (Matthias Erwin Kurz) - in relation to our customers, partners, employees, but also in relation to the company as a whole. Whatever we are doing we ask ourselves: is this profitable for everyone involved? We express our deep respect and admiration for the nature and the environment with our logo: the stylized flower of the national tree, the pau brasil. Learn more and see the following image descriptions.

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