We are firmly convinced that economic success should be for the benefit of all parts. This means not only the directly involved stakeholders, but also society and environment. Therefore, we commit ourselves to support social and environmental projects in order to make the world a little better every day, together with our customers and partners.


Community of São Gonçalo dos Campos, Bahia State, Brazil


Since many years, the founders of MEK-TECH have been supporting socially disadvantaged children in the poor northeast of Brazil. Our dear friend Ana Böhm grew up in that region and helps us today that our help actually goes where it is most needed. In December 2016, we have visited the local Capoeira school together. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art combining elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and is part of the rich Afro-Brazilian cultural heritage in the State of Bahia. The lessons given at that school to the local children and teenagers are many times the only reasonable alternative to drugs and crime. Together with Ana we were able to provide instruments for the school and also Christmas gifts for the students.


Community of Pedro de Toledo, São Paulo State, Brazil


Fábio Rogério de Souza has been running a visionary wildlife and nature protection project in the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica) over more than 20 years. We support this project on a voluntary basis. Fábio’s institute, the Instituto Rio Rio Itariri, protects and researches the local fauna and flora. By the means of educational environmental projects and ecotourism it also stimulates the economic development of the region.


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